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Falling in Love With…Meant to Be by Lauren Morrill (Morgan from Gone with the Words)

Falling in love with books finalHappy Thursday! I’m so happy my Historical Fiction (among other genres!) loving friend from Twitter, Morgan (and fellow native Californian) is here for Day 7 of Falling in Love with Books. She blogs over at Gone with the Words and is sharing a book that is near and dear to her heart: Meant to Be! Enjoy!

I’ve always loved Valentines Day! As a kid, I would pick cards in January and then agonize over which card to give to which person in my class. And in college I’d bake cupcakes and cookies for friends, wear all the red and pink I owned, and watch a bunch of romantic comedies! It was never about having a boyfriend for me, though having my husband the past couple years has been nice 😉 Last year we sent Valentines cards with our wedding picture instead of Christmas cards! I just love festiveness and swoons and baked goods and love.

meant to be
One of my favorite genres to read is YA Contemporary and the book that started it all was Meant to Be by Lauren Morrill.

I had read a lot of adult “chick lit”, or what I like to call romantic comedies, but not much YA. I was under the impression that most YA contemporaries were serious or dramatic, not fun and fluffy. But luckily I found Christina @ Reader of Fiction’s 5 star review for Meant to Be right when I discovered blogs! I LOVED the cover, I thought the story sounded awesome, and Christina’s review totally sold me.

An awkward bookworm in London stuck with a guy she couldn’t stand… or could she?

side eye dalmationsYeah, that sounded like Morgan catnip and it SO was. I read it in a day, which was an enjoyable way to endure jury duty!

happy rachel and phoebsJulia, with all her rules and awkwardness, was easy to relate to, the London setting was vibrant, and Jason was completely adorable under that irritating layer 😉 I’d say my favorite thing in a romance is banter, especially between two people who “can’t stand each other.” It’s so Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy and totally amazing. I love watching it evolve into flirting and the realization that there are feelings beneath the supposed hostility. Eep!
one fine day
oh baby
lizzie and darcy smilingThe book was also very funny and had amazing pop culture references. And I know that teenagers shouldn’t drink (don’t do it kids!) but I adore drunk scenes in books and movies. They’re always so hilarious and lead to these amazing confessional and/or awkward moments.

pitch perfect drunkI loved this book so much that my review only says this: “5 billion stars. Will write a proper review tonight. I fell in love with this book!”

I never went back to the review but mainly because it would have been nonsensical and full of OMGGGGGS.
donna and tom

If you love witty banter, awesome, relatable characters, foreign settings, swoooons, and Shakespearean levels of comic misunderstanding, you’ll love Meant to Be.

It led me to Anna and the French Kiss which I absolutely loved. And from there, the door was open for me to find more YA romantic comedies to fall in love with 🙂 I’ll watch a movie millions of times if I love it and I wanted books like that too. I’m glad Meant to Be helped me find them 🙂

It’s a perfect read, or re-read, for Valentine’s Day!
rory and jessWitty banter? Awkward bookworm? London? I can’t believe I haven’t read this book, Morgan! My TBR is getting even higher than it was before, and I’ll be adding this book STAT. Thank you for sharing in this fabulous post with these superb gifs. 🙂

Ready for more books to fall in love with? Tomorrow Diana from Brilliantly Novel brings Glass Girl onto our radar!

What Katie Read

Falling in Love With…Beauty by Robin McKinley (Lory from The Emerald City Book Review)

Falling in love with books finalWelcome to Lory from The Emerald City Book Review! I have been following Lory’s blog for awhile now, and let me tell you, it is delightful every time I stop by. If you want to read rich, descriptive, and thoughtful reviews and discussions, then by all means, go check out Lory’s blog. I was so curious which book she would choose for this feature, and I have to say I’m intrigued!

A book I fell in love with:

Beauty by Robin McKinley (Harper and Row, 1978)

lorys postBeauty is not the first book by Robin McKinley that I ever read, but I find it her most. . . loveable. I mean, how can a bibliomaniac not adore a book that contains the following description of a library:

This single room of the library was as large as our whole house in the city had been, and I could see more book-filled rooms through open doors in all directions, including a balcony overhead, all built from floor to high ceiling with bookshelves. “Oh my,” I said. “How do you reach the top shelves?”

A miniature staircase, complete with a banister on one side, rolled up to me; I had the feeling that it would have cleared its throat respectfully if it had had a throat to clear. “You remind me of our butler in the city,” I said to it. “He stood at attention just the way you’re doing now. Do you clean silver as well as he did?” It moved in a half circle backward, and I thought it was probably eyeing me in confusion.

“Don’t distress it,” said the Beast mildly. “It will try to clean silver to please you, and it isn’t built for it.”

I laughed. “Pardon me, sir,” I said to the waiting staircase. “I do not wish you to clean silver.” It settled down on its wheels with the faintest sigh of condensing springs. . .

. . . The rows of books tugged unrepentantly at the edges of my sight. I walked like one bewitched to the nearest shelf. “I didn’t know there were so many books in the world,” I said caressingly, and the Beast’s answer was heard only in my ear and did not register in my brain. “Well, in fact, there aren’t.”

Clearly our heroine, Beauty, loves books, which is one thing that immediately endeared her to me. She also loves horses, roses, and her family. There are no wicked sisters or foolish fathers in this retelling of the story of “Beauty and the Beast,” only a warm and wonderful circle of people I’ve often wished I could slip into as a younger sibling or cousin. Rather than being greedy and grasping, vainly regretting their lost wealth, they bravely set out to create a new home together.

From my first encounter with them, I loved all of the details of their journey and of their world, with its vivid beauties, homely joys, and a touch of magic.

Things Beauty does not love include her name, either her rather stiff and proper real name, Honour, or her wildly inappropriate (as she thinks) nickname. And once she comes to the castle of the Beast, she does not love him at all, for he is a fearsome creature. But as they spend time together and she begins to understand something of what lies behind the beastly exterior, fear turns to trust, and repulsion to respect. Can it turn into something warmer? That depends on Beauty truly knowing herself, and owning the truth of both her names.

The journey of two lonely people toward one another is one of the loveliest things about this lovely book. And it takes place in a charmingly mysterious enchanted castle—what could be better? If you haven’t yet read Beauty, this is the perfect season to do so. I hope you will, and that you’ll find as much pleasure in its pages as I have.

Lory Widmer Hess

Lory blogs about her reading journey at The Emerald City Book Review (www.emeraldcitybookreview.com).

Thank you, Lory, for sharing your love of Beauty! I don’t have the privilege of having read this, and I need to remedy that. I love Beauty and the Beast tales, especially when that story relates to “the journey of two lonely people toward one another” as you put it.

I wonder if others have read Beauty or, like me, they still have yet to read this gem?

Get ready for a really fun post tomorrow by Morgan from Gone with the Words as she gushes about Meant to Be!

What Katie Read

Falling in Love With….I’ll Meet You There by Heather Demetrios (Sarah from What Sarah Read)

Falling in love with books finalWelcome to Day 2 of Falling in Love with Books! Today the fabulous Sarah from What Sarah Read is sharing her love of a new release by Heather Demetrios: I’ll Meet You There. I was so happy when Sarah signed up for the feature because she is so passionate about her favorite Young Adult titles and I had my fingers crossed that she would participate. Enjoy her inspiring post, and get a hold of this book!

When Katie put out the call for bloggers to contribute guest posts to her “Falling in Love with Books” holiday feature, I knew two things right away. I knew that I wanted to participate, and I also knew I wanted share my love for I’ll Meet You There by Heather Demetrios.


This book has become one of my all-time favorites and I’ve not been shy about shouting that fact from the rooftops. I LOVE THIS BOOK! It touched me like no other book has, and for that reason I wanted to share the love with all of you. My hope is that you grab yourself a copy and fall in love just as hard as I did.

I’m so excited to share some passages that touched my heart and caused me to fall in love with the story of Josh and Sky.

I highlighted around 75 passages while reading and I somehow narrowed down my list to seven favorites for today’s post.

It wasn’t easy, this whole book is so gorgeously written and I found it really difficult to narrow them down to a handful that I love. I thought it would be fun to pair these quotes with images that evoke the spirit of the book, resulting in some art of my very own. I think Sky, a true artist at heart, would be proud!


I can almost feel that cool summer breeze while looking up at the stars. I love how Demetrios places you in the moment right there with her characters.


I really connected with this passage in the book. I love that feeling of diving under the water and shutting every thing else out. I can totally understand why Sky would jump into the pool as a way to escape the troubles in her life.


This quote was so intriguing because it really explains what Sky loves about collaging. Taking every day items and creating art. It’s another was for her to escape her troubles.


OK…this quote took my breath away. I was right there in the car with Sky, hanging out of the window feeling that crazy rush of adrenaline!


Who hasn’t been in this situation? Desperately searching for the right thing to say to someone who is hurting. Demetrios got it totally right, sometimes it feels like you’re speaking another language.


I really felt for Sky when I read this passage. I just wanted to give her a hug for finding the beauty in the small things when everything else seems to be falling apart. Her optimism here broke my heart…in the best possible way.


Out of all the passages in this book, this is one of my very favorites. You can really sense the connection Josh and Sky have with each other, the solace they find in the other. It made me swoon….HARD!

Hopefully these quotes give you a small glimpse into why I fell in love with “I’ll Meet You There”, it’s such an intensely moving story filled with beautiful moments and heart-wrenching emotion. The absolute perfect book to fill your heart with warm fuzzies during this season of love. I’d like to give a big hug filled with lots of love to Katie for allowing me to take part in this amazing blog series.

Sarah, (hugging back) thank you so much for this beautiful post about I’ll Meet You There!
I loved all these quotes and the images Sarah chose for them. The funny thing is that I’m reading this novel right now actually, so it’s perfect timing. I so appreciate Sarah’s enthusiasm for this New Contemporary YA–so excited that she shared it as a book she’s fallen in love with.
All you Harry Potter fans won’t want to miss tomorrow’s post by the lovely Jess from Such a Novel Idea. Jess is passionate about this series, and has some extra goodies to share with us! Be sure to stop by on Friday!


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