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Falling in Love with Books: Anna and the French Kiss

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We have a real treat today: My New England blogger friend, Andi from Andi’s ABC, is guest posting for Falling in Love with Books! She’s sharing a book that is perfect for Valentine’s Day, and yes, she wants you to fall in love with:



When Katie was doing sign-ups for this she tweeted me and said she hoped I signed up because she knew what book I would do. Anyone that knows me knows which book I would do. I’m pretty predictable when asked to do a guest post about a book I love and want other people to love. I consistently pick the same book and I’m not the least bit ashamed by this. What book is it you ask?


I first read Anna back in December of 2010 as a suggestion from a friend. To say I fell in love is a huge understatement. I devoured the whole book in about a day and it just made me feel good. It made me smile and it made my heart ache and it made me yearn for that kind of crush and that kind of friendship and that kind of love. It transported me to Paris and made me feel like I was a part of their lives and I am so grateful to Stephanie Perkins for that.

Since that first reading I have read Anna in print and audio a total of 10 more times.

It is oddly gratifying to find a book that you love that much, that can make you feel that much. Honestly I love a good reread. It’s something I have done for years, but I have to really truly love a book to want to read it as much as I read this one. I have to feel something to really want to immerse myself in the world again and again and Anna and the French Kiss does that to me and I think it will do that to you too. Between the characters, the romance, the setting and the story telling you will fall in love it. I can almost guarantee it.

And to show you just how much I love it, here is a look at my current collection:


Thanks, Andi! Now that sounds like a book worth falling in love with! I adore Andi’s collection, and my collection of Anne of Green Gables editions is growing…I wonder if I might reach this standard of excellence…

Have you read Anna? Are you planning to? I have to admit that I am going to start reading this book on Sunday…It will be my first read! And it’s going to be freezing here on Valentine’s Day so I anticipate reading, sipping coffee, and maybe eating chocolate cake…

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