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A Reading Nook to Wish For….

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Who doesn’t want an amazing READING NOOK?!? If you’re a reader, you’ve surely imagined your ideal nook for your favorite activity: reading.

Perhaps you’ve created a Pinterest board, like me, with ideas of what that reading nook might look like. Perhaps you’ve scoured furniture and antique shops, keeping in mind all the while how a certain piece might or might not fit into that dream nook taking shape in your mind. It’s true, the possibilities are endless, but there are times when we have to start making decisions about which pieces to choose for our nook.

Peter Hess

There are several kinds of reading nooks I would absolutely love, but in this post, I’m sharing with you a handful of pieces from the gorgeous furniture supplier, Arhaus, that would work flawlessly for my nook!

The first essential piece for my reading nook is an excellent chaise, and I found an example of one here:


Of course I’ll need a bookshelf or two near my reading nook so I can have easy access to my titles.

This Telegraph Wide Bookcase in White from Arhaus is lovely–I haven’t completely decided exactly where it would be positioned in relation to my chaise, but it’s not going to be far.

Some reading nooks might not even need a chaise because the “ledge” of the window seat provides the seating. You can find some examples here.

As we readers know LIGHTING is so important for the perfect reading nook. I adore this Pendant Lighting choice:

I have to say, though, that I am also drawn to this Sconce in Antique Rust. It would add a fantastic dimension to my nook. There are a whole host of lighting possibilities you can find on the Arhaus website. If you are seeking out lighting possibilities for your own reading nook, I suggest you look here.

After taking a look at some of the Vintage Furniture on the Arhaus site, I realized that I wouldn’t mind this coffee table to be positioned not far from me. I love a good coffee table and one is essential for book displays!

Lovely, isn’t it? You’ll find even more table options for your nook on the Arhaus website. There are plenty of options to choose from to make sure you have the perfect piece on which to display some of your books in your nook!

I can’t end this post without at least one more comfy chair I would absolutely adore for my nook. Check out this Leather Tufted Chair in Bronco Whiskey. It looks so cozy I could just sink into it this very moment!

If you’d like to see even more ideas, you can check out my pinterest board here.

What about you? What pieces would make up your ideal reading nook and where would you begin searching? Online? Antique shops? A new furniture shop? A used furniture shop? Or do you already have pieces in your home that would create the ideal nook? Do tell!

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