Reading Update!


Good morning, Blog Readers! It’s the week before Winter Break, and I couldn’t help but kick it off by catching you up on what I’ve been reading, and what I’m planning for the blog this week.

First, I received an ARC of PASSENGER, one of my most anticipated releases for 2016, from my Secret Sister this last month. I’ve been swept up into it–my train journeys in the morning have just flown by as I have been completely immersed in this story of time travel, danger, and intrigue!


Then, I owe a big thank you to SCHOLASTIC for the ARC of THE KEY TO EXTRAORDINARY by one of my new favorite Middle Grade authors, Natalie Lloyd, that I received in the mail! You’ll remember that I adored A SNICKER OF MAGIC so I’m really excited about this 2016 release from Natalie.

key natalie lloyd

I’m hoping to finish both titles this week, and maybe even read at least one more book before I have to decide which titles I’m going to tackle over Winter Break. Since the week before Winter Break always seems a little busy, especially when working in a School Library, I thought I would start one of my 2016 ARCs that I’ve heard is a fast and compelling read: THIS IS WHERE IT ENDS. I met the author at a Middle Grade signing event in Wellsley last spring and she is lovely! I was very excited to pick up a copy of this at ALA in San Francisco this past summer.

this is where it ends book

As you can see from the Goodreads summary, the story sounds pretty intense: “Told over the span of 54 harrowing minutes from four different perspectives, terror reigns as one student’s calculated revenge turns into the ultimate game of survival.” I’ve seen some positive reviews from readers so far, and plan to share with your my own thoughts about it here on the blog!

So, what are you reading this Monday in the midst of this Holiday season?!?

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