“What child unable to sleep on a warm summer night hasn’t thought he saw Peter Pan’s sailing ship in the sky? I will teach you to see that ship.”

-Roberto Cotroneo, When a Child on a Summer Morning

Welcome to Bookish Illuminations—the place where all things bookish are discussed, and where the search is on for what lies behind the spine.

Anne of Green Gables
   One of my Favorites!

As many of you know, this blog has recently moved from THE SPIRIT OF CHILDREN’S LITERATURE, but all that’s really changed is the title of the blog and the scope of books discussed.

You all know I love to chat about MIDDLE GRADE and YOUNG ADULT LITERATURE, but I also read a lot of fiction for adult-age readers so this blog will see more of me chatting about those books I’m reading, as well as Nonfiction and even Cookbooks.

I’m obsessed with baking, so a recipe or two may make its way onto the blog. Books & Baking–a splendid combo, right? There may eventually be a featured called “Bookish Journeys” that allows me to share with you some of my Bookish Travels.

There’s going to be lots of Bookish Illumination going on here, so I hope you’ll make yourself a tea, grab a slice of cake or pie, and join me for the adventure.

Fantasy at its Finest
Fantasy at its Finest

If you were already reading my other blog, you’ll know that I’m really interested in how books illuminate spirituality. The spirituality of literature is something that I never get tired of exploring.

And remember, it’s not the same as religion, though a book that is spiritual might be religious. Some writers have defined spirituality as connected to the “authentic” or “real self.” How do stories engage this dimension of readers?

Can a book encourage readers to wonder about the big questions in life such as “Where did I come from?” “Where am I going?” and “What is my purpose in life?”

These ideas (I think) are all related to the spirituality of children’s literature.

Share your thoughts about spirituality and literature with me. I love when blog readers stop by with their ideas and questions about the spirituality of literature.

It’s so much more fun for me when other bookish people visit the blog and share their thoughts.

I’m extremely excited about BOOKISH ILLUMINATIONS, and I hope you’ll join me for this adventure. I value your thoughts and presence here!

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