When I heard about a project involving reading a book, making notes in it, and then passing it along to another blogger (after receiving it from several bloggers before me), I jumped at the chance to participate!

I was so happy when Alicia at A KERNEL OF NONSENSE contacted me about the project. Alicia and Rachel at CONFESSIONS OF A BOOK GEEK are hosting this grand event, and they have managed to put together an organized and fun traveling book extravaganza!

So, here’s what’s happening. There are 10 bloggers, 2 books, and one project. 5 Bloggers are in the US and 5 are in the UK, but we’ll all be reading both books. Each blogger gets to annotate the book and then send it along to the next blogger.


So….Cristina at Girl in the Pages sent me Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, and she included some wonderful goodies I’ll show you below.

I was so excited to jump in and leave stickies, highlightings, and notes in the margins, but I had to get used to the idea of writing in a book!

To be honest, it didn’t take me long to get used to that, maybe because of all that writing and highlighting in books for grad school! Once I saw Harry Potter as a text that required annotating, it was easy to read actively and to share some of my thoughts as I soared through the story.


I absolutely loved reading the notes of the bloggers before me, and I often wrote a comment in response to a note from an earlier reader. It was fun, and even sometimes it was just one word. I hadn’t read HP & the Philosopher’s Stone in awhile, and I think I enjoyed the story more this time around. Now, having read the entire series, looking back at the first book was a richer experience. I noticed more and was also looking for more details, I think.


I can imagine that once the last person receives the book, it really will be a unique artifact, because it will reflect all these different readers’ perspectives of the text, in a way. We all might have similar or different responses to certain parts in the story, and that can be physically reflected in the book at the end of our exchange!


Isn’t that cool?

I’m excited for the second book, The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender, to make the rounds, so stay tuned!

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6 Comments on Transatlantic Book Project: HARRY POTTER AND THE PHILOSOPHER’S STONE

  1. So glad to hear you eased right into this project. I had my own reservations about writing in the book, but once I started I ended up having to hold myself back. Harry Potter is such familiar story to me, but this was only the third time I read the first book and like you, I found myself trying to find little details I may have missed as it pertained to the series as a whole. Can’t wait to see everyone’s notes (I’ll be taking a few pics for the wrap-up post) before sending it to the UK. Awesome post!

  2. I’ve always wanted to try this with one of my family members, sadly I think our tastes in books differ considerably. So neat to get all the different perspectives from others reading the book as you’re reading it. Happy reading

  3. I love this! It’s so exciting to see how the book is looking as it goes on it’s journey! I can’t wait to read all the notes at the end! I struggled with writing in the book too – I wanted to make sure my notes meant something. So glad you enjoyed taking part! R xx

  4. This is such an awesome idea! I hope to participate in doing something like this in the future. I agree that it would take me a bit to get used to writing in the book though haha although, like you said, grad school is helping ease that haha.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome project!!

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