Falling in love with books finalDay 3 of Falling in Love with Books means Jess (who happened to send me a delightful package for Christmas–she was my secret santa this past holiday. If you haven’t visited her beautiful blog, you deserve to!) from Such a Novel Idea is going to share about a series that most of us are familiar with: Harry Potter! Enjoy this personal Valentine Jess has penned to the Harry Potter series.

Like most people my age, I grew up on Harry Potter. I can still vividly remember the day I got my first copy: It was Christmas of my sophomore year in high school and I got a stack of books I’d never heard of before. Among them were the first three in the HP series, Catcher in the Rye, and a couple others I’ve forgotten at this point.  After presents were open and everyone dispersed to their rooms to enjoy their new gifts and take naps, I laid down in my bed and chose The Sorcerer’s Stone as my first read. Two days later, I emerged from my book haze and begged my sister to read the books immediately.

I had inhaled those three books like they were air and I NEEDED someone else to do the same.

It took a little convincing, but she finally agreed. And then we passed them to our third sister.  Soon after, Harry Potter started to trickle into the United States and we gained friends who shared our love of the series. I remember sitting in my sister’s room with her best friend and mine (who were also sisters) speculating on what would come next.  This was the long period of waiting between book three and four (or maybe even four and five) and we had all sorts of theories.

While the series isn’t credited as the one that made me fall in love with books, it is the one I hold dearest to my heart. I have so many good memories associated with the series and it is the first series I pined over, waited in a midnight line over, and grew up on. It literally spans my coming-of-age, from high school, to marriage, to motherhood.

And so, my valentine, is to the Harry Potter series.  And my valentine to YOU is a set of Harry Potter bookmarks, some of my favorite quotes (not all, I could only do four!) from the books and about the books.  I hope you will enjoy them. (You can get a glimpse of the bookmarks below but click on the link to download them!)

Much love, Jess

Link to Bookmarks

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About Jess

I’m a thirty year old going on fifteen from the great state of Texas.  I’m a black sheep, off-the-cuff mom who looks at life from a realistic point of view.  I’m a nerd who loves school, reading, and writing.  My current obsessions include Doctor Who, British pop culture, the word oi, and Dove chocolate.  I spend all my free time with my nose in a book and occasionally work on penning the next young adult novel.



Thank you, Jess, for this sweet Valentine to the Harry Potter series! I so appreciated reading about how this series affected your reading history.

Stay tuned next week for more Falling in Love with Books posts! Rachel from Beauty and the Bookshelf will sharing a book she’s fallen in love with on Monday!

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  1. I love your post! I’m the same way, I was a reader long before Harry Potter but it is still my most treasured series. The first three came out when I was in middle school and I remember falling in love! I think I read Azkaban in a day haha. And when Goblet came out my family and I were on vacation but my mom found a nearby bookstore to take me to 🙂 The wait between 4 and 5 was soooooo difficult! Haha! I was obsessed with theories too, I kept them in a notebook! Isn’t it fun to force good books on people 😉 My sister thought they were too popular but when Goblet came out she gave in and read all 4 in a week. They really have spanned more than half my life, which is incredible. I’m rereading the series right now for the first time in a long time and it makes me so happy. Thanks for writing this wonderful Valentines post 🙂 I love finding other original Potter people <3 And OMG the bookmarks are sooooo awesome!!! Love them.

  2. I can’t believe I missed being able to grow up with the HP series by three years! They came out after I graduated high school, and though I loved them (then, and now), I think it would have been amazing to have a long-range series of books where the protagonist was close to my own age. When I was young, that just didn’t exist (apart from The Darkness Rising and the Ramona books), and I’m so glad epic series like HP existed for an entire generation of readers.
    Also, thanks for those pretty bookmarks!

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